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11 February 2007 @ 08:53 pm
Second day of school and I already want to quit. Bleh. I'm tired already~~~!!! I want to stay home and sleep and watch video clips all day :D


Anyways, both English Literature were interesting, except for the fact I had my voice low; that the teacher didn't really hear my comments. I'll speak up next time. >/

Hmm, Valentine is upon us


I feel lonely suddenly. *GONK*
Oh well, Oprah's on so I won't be able to comment on your post people. Swy, will do tomorrow. :3
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08 February 2007 @ 03:10 pm

1. Two days, no.. One day before school/second term starts. Hmm, excited. I dont think so.
Ah well~~ I know that I'm going to change my major, thats for sure. Maybe I'll minor major in Mass Com but not as a whole major...~

2. To more brighter news, I think the DBSK fever's got into me! NOOO!!! I told myself to not indulge myself too much into them cause I know me... When I get into someone I REALLY GET INTO THEM!!! I'm going to be unbarely annoying probably~ And I dont want to be a silly fangirl that goes fainting on the sight of a boy... ._. ("They're just boys" Thuraya said,)

3. I'm going to cut my bangs tomorrow. Yes, by myself and create something different, maybe like Bi's hair when he did that plane promotion gig. His bangs were so small and OH MY GOD, I think I fell for him on spot.

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02 February 2007 @ 10:22 pm

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I was bleeding. Now give me some love!!

Cam whoring again!! Click to see the rest of the love.

Well, I haven't been posting as much as I should be. I just haven't add anything interesting to post, even now.

What I did for the past few days:

+ Watched Lovely♥Complex The movie. I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE RABU~ IT!!!
  I still watch bit and parts of it, I have read reviews that it gave a bad show on the manga
(The movie's based on a manga if you didn't know :)) I dont know... I'd probably like it too.

+ I got Gakuen Heaven's artbook and 3 chapters of the manga. Yay?
Not sure.. I was gasping for air and asking God for forgiveness with every page I opened!!!!!
OH GOD!!! Mr. Winky was everywhere!!!! He even made his first apperance in the 3rd chapter! HAHAHAHAHA!
(My mind went like: Damn that's tiny!!)
Overall it was raw, exotic, disgusting, fantastic and of course, the tiny!
I got X/999 the artbook too, not sure which one but its beautiful!

 I made dango. It was actually good!!! (CLICK ME IF YOU DON'T KNOW DANGO! SHAME-ON-YOU)
BUT, I had to do some alternative and changes...
The recipe called for Glutonious Rice Flour, I only got rice flour. Oh well, it just takes longer to steam.
And I didn't have cornstarch which I later was told that we DID! It was in a little jar, I thought it was flour.
THEN I found out that flour work as a thinckning agent, bleh. Oh well, never hurts to learn everyday.
But still I enjoyed it, bro thought it too dry. It wasnt!!!
+ Is Wiki.theppn.org broken??? It always time's out on me. D: *GONK*

〜: content*HUM-UM*
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